North Pacific Bldg

In the heart of downtown Portland.

History of the North Pacific Bldg

Originally the Fitzpatrick Building, the North Pacific was designed by Houghtaling & Dougan and built for T.M. Fitzpatrick in 1922. The same architects also designed the Elks Temple at 614 SW 11th, the Medical Arts at 1020 SW Taylor and the Studio Bldg at 919 SW Taylor.

The building sits on a traingular block created by the juncture of the Portland Plat and Couch’s Addition on West Burnside. The structural system combines a reinforced concrete frame with a wood floor system. The exterior is faced with buff-colored brick and features decorative terra cotta baskets and urns. Spiral columns accent the corners.

In 1969 the building was sold by the Fitzpatrick heirs to Ralph Williams, a local business leader, for $100,000. We acquired and renovated the building in 1999, just prior to the build-out of the Brewery Blocks and the streetcar line. We completed a further renovation in 2013, restoring more of the original features and installing new heat and cooling systems.

For more information:

Henry Kofron: 503-939-3201





Available: Now
Address: Suite 204
sq.ft.: 260
Rent: $790/$820

Available: Now
Address: Suite 206
sq.ft.: 260
Rent: $815/$845

Available: Lease pending
Address: Suite 210
sq.ft.: 330
Rent: $980/$1015

Available: Now
Address: Suite 303
sq.ft.: 920
Rent: $2880/$2990

Available: Now
Address: Suite 407
sq.ft.: 730
Rent: $2315/$2395

Available: Now
Address: Suite 410
sq.ft.: 325
Rent: $950/$985

Available: Now
Address: Suite 420
sq.ft.: 270
Rent: $850/$880